The Third Round: The Word unveils what is opposed to it

Third Round posts are short audio clips taken from Round 3 comments offered in the online Logopraxis Life Group meetings. The aim is to keep the focus on understanding the Text in terms of its application to the inner life along with reinforcing any key LP principles that have been highlighted in the exchanges

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Janna King
Janna King
7 months ago

As I struggle to engage grandkids in Christmas, I am so grateful to listen repeatedly to this third round description of what happens when the Word is introduced, and, in effect, all hell breaks loose where we least expect it, right in the midst of everything of innocence and the Lord’s Coming. But LP offers the opportunity to abide the onslaught of the proprium, and NOT identify with the evil spirits who wish to crush Christmas, and also to convince us that their apathy, cruelty and hatred is OURS. Merry Christmas!

Sarah Walker
Reply to  Janna King
7 months ago

Yes…. I find that the many trimmings and gatherings of the Christmas season offers fresh opportunities for inner work and like any moment we can be awake in, it is an opportunity to be present to the Lord’s advent in us.