Logopraxis : Awakening to Spiritual Life : Heaven and Hell 491-520

The two links below are the first two of three documents (the third will follow) that provide the doctrinal basis for Logopraxis. In the work Heaven and Hell 491-520 the reader is offered a description of the experience of awakening from death into the World of Spirits. The premise that underpins the Logopraxis approach is that what’s described in these numbers can provide insights into our own awakening to spiritual life through the practice of the Word while still in the natural world. That the same principles that govern the awakening of a newly arriving spirits to life in the spiritual world also govern the processes everyone must pass through if they are to awaken to spiritual life. The structures and practice method of the Logopraxis approach have been intentionally modeled on this section of Heaven and Hell with the aim of supporting practitioners in their work with the Word as the basis for their individual and collective spiritual life.

Part One: The State of Exteriors (Heaven and Hell 491-498)

Part Two: The State of Interiors (Heaven and Hell 499-511)

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