The Logopraxis Workbook

The Logopraxis Workbook is designed to provide tools that guide our practise of the Word, and support the methods and processes that lead to an active and healthy spiritual life. There is considerable exploration of spiritual literacy skills, plus many examples, that form the practical basis of this work, including how to read as spiritual practice, and create a task; removing person, place, and time; divided attention; conscious listening; and the struggles that may arise.

There is also emphasis given to our work for the benefit of others, and meeting as a Life Group; how best to engage with the multiple factors found in Group meetings, including what is revealed to us about ourselves; and the enormous value of working with other people on this sacred material.

Throughout the document there are sections of Reflect & Discuss, plus Summaries that relate to each chapter, with suggested questions that invite personal and group engagement in going deeper.

There are two versions below: a digital version and a printable version.

The printable version differs in that the the step diagram on page 7 is in grey scale so that it is clearer when printed as a hard copy, in addition to this the link to the table of contents in the footer of the digital version has been removed. In the digital version you’ll find that the Table of Contents is hyperlinked to make it easier to navigate through the document.

Click the links below to download the Workbook

Logopraxis Workbook (Digital Version)

Logopraxis Workbook (Print Version)

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