This section on the website has been affectionately titled “Emmaus Road”, with reference to the account in Sacred Scripture in Luke 24:13-35 of the disciples who meet the Lord on the road as they travel from Jerusalem to Emmaus. The two disciples walk and recount their experiences of Jesus to the third man who has joined them, who they do not yet recognise as the Lord Himself. As they walk and talk and the third man responds to them and asks them to consider his questions, they draw nearer to Emmaus and they urge him to stay with them as dusk sets in. When they arrive at Emmaus and sit down with him and he takes the bread, blesses it and as He breaks it to share with them… they finally recognise Him.

‘. . .their eyes were opened up and they recognise Him’.

But this isn’t just a journey in history, for the journey from Jerusalem to Emmaus is every spiritual journey on every scale of manifestation. It describes the journey we take across the whole of our life or it can describe any portion of it. From a Logopraxis perspective it describes our journey across each Session Cycle of our practice; stretching from our initial contact with the reading through to the sharing of our experience of the Word with others. We approach our initial reading not knowing where it will lead and by the end of the cycle we have come into a new sense of the Lord as the Word through the truth we felt drawn to, that formed the basis for our inner work with the Text. In a sense, the movement into any new experience that deepens our sense of the Word as the Lord has its beginnings in Jerusalem, arrives at Emmaus, from which there is a return once again to Jerusalem

The Emmaus Road is a virtual space in which those in the Logopraxis community can offer material dealing with spiritual topics within a broad scope of interest. The Emmaus Road space however should not be confused with the space of a Logopraxis Life Group meeting. These are two different things. While the Emmaus Road presentations may touch on, to a greater or lesser degree, aspects directly related to the Logopraxis approach when engaging the Word, they might also cover topics that are indirectly related. In this light, the Emmas Road space can be thought of as an extension of the questions that can sometimes be shared in Round Three of a Life Group meeting.

Regardless of whether what is presented is directly or indirectly related, participants are invited to use what’s offered as a basis for reflection and in the sharing of their own experiences of the Lord as the Word working in their life. It is expected that questions will arise from the presentations which can be worked with in the Emmaus Road “Questions and Answers – Q & A” space. Through giving voice to the questions we are carrying, the group and those present in it are nourished. This is the bread or spiritual food that the Lord apportions to each ‘disciple’ which, when broken and shared, opens up the possibility for the Lord to be made visible in our midst.

So while not a Logopraxis Life Group meeting, we still seek to hold the space as a practice group in which we consciously listen and attend to our interior states. We therefore are reminded to listen attentively to each other. To use it as an opportunity to observe our own thoughts and affections as responses occur in our mind as we listen and to make distinctions to what is of the Lord in what we are receiving, and what isn’t.

To further explore the story of the road to Emmaus and in how it applies to our work in Logopraxis you may like to click on the link below…

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