What is Logopraxis?

Logopraxis is a term coined from the Greek words “Logos” meaning “the Word” and “praxis”, meaning “to practice” and so it simply means “to practice the Word”.

It is a process orientated approach for engaging with Sacred Texts in that it is founded on the community’s collective acknowledgement that the Lord continuously reveals Himself through them. These Texts form a Divine Revelation or Word.  They provide the basis for experiencing the Lord’s presence with us when they are taken into the mind and life through the practice of the truths they offer. For Logopraxis, the Texts that form the Word are those books of the Bible that have an inner meaning relating to the Lord’s life along with the revelatory works of the Heavenly Doctrine written by Emanuel Swedenborg. These are given for the development of a new Church within the human mind.  It is because these Texts reveal the Lord and His operation within the human mind that they are collectively called the Word. The Word being from the Lord is the Lord, and this is especially true for those who receive it as such.

So the starting point for Logopraxis is that what the Word says is true whether we can see it or not. The Logopraxis framework is purposefully simple in its design with the object being to create an environment in which people are free to share their experience of the Word working in their lives. The practice runs on a two-week cycle. At the end of the cycle we meet in small groups called Life Groups where the opportunity is given for us to share the insights arising from our practice.

For the two weeks, everyone is assigned a set reading from the same Text and we are asked to read attentively, looking and listening for something from the reading that will frame our spiritual work for the given cycle. The idea is that we are reading for application or for what we can apply to our life, rather than for information or a merely abstract intellectual understanding of what’s in the reading. In other words, we are seeking to experience the Text first-hand and through that gain an understanding of how what we are working with is true in our life. In Logopraxis we accept that the truth of the Word can only be really known from its practice in life; that this is how we come to see for ourselves how it is true.

This way of working with Sacred Text means that our life experience actually serves as a means to illustrate the truth of the portion of Text we are working with. The method involves taking the section of Text that has reached out to us and using this to develop a task or work focus for the cycle. It might be as simple as, “to see how this truth applies in my life.” The aim isn’t to answer the question or complete the task but it’s to hold that question or task in mind over the two week period and then to just observe what happens as we move through life. The practice is designed to offer an experience of working with truths from the Word in a structured way, to support the processes involved in the regeneration of the human mind.

As we work with the Text we are put in front of our states of mind. This offers us ripe opportunities for seeing the quality of the affections and thoughts that make up our mental life. Working with truths from the Word enables us to see what is of the Lord and what is opposed to Him. As we then look to Him in an effort toward giving up our ownership over what is of heaven and what is of hell, the Word effects changes in our affections and thoughts so that higher spiritual influences might be more readily present for us. Directly experiencing the Word’s activity in the life of our mind in this way, enhances our sense of the presence of the Lord as the Word in our life.

At the end of the two weeks, we meet back with our Life Group where we share our experience of working with the Word. We don’t share the nitty-gritty personal details but rather we look to consciously offer those insights into how our practice of the Word has enhanced our sense of the Lord’s presence in our life. As each member of the group shares their offering, the other group members are listening for what stands out for them in what they hear. It’s not a group where we criticise or affirm what others have said.  We simply speak to what we hear the Lord saying through other people’s submissions and always do that with a view to supporting each other’s work with the Word.

Where the practice of the Word is central to a communal life, the inevitable result is the development of a deepening sense of spiritual community in which the Lord God Jesus Christ is made more visible in its midst. This is the Logopraxis vision. The principle is that the power of the Lord to regenerate the human mind is made available through people’s commitment to the practice of the Word. Where the Word is acknowledged in practice, so then is the Lord made more visible in our midst as expressed through the variety and unique perspectives that each person’s work offers to the life of the community.

Where two or three are gathered together in My name there am I in the midst of them. Matt. 18:20

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To find a Logopraxis Life Group MEETING TIME visit –  Logopraxis Life Groups

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