The Third Round: When we recognise the appearance as an appearance, then what is real presents itself

Arcana Coelestia

6052. For every shepherd of the flock is an abomination of the Egyptians. That this signifies separation thus from perverted memory-knowledges, which are opposed to the memory-knowledges of the church, is evident from the signification of an “abomination of the Egyptians,” as being the separation of memory-knowledges; for the things which are an abomination are separated, because the reason of their being abominated is that they are contrary to accepted principles and loves, thus because they are opposed; in the present case, opposed to the perverted memory-knowledges which are signified by the “Egyptians” when it is said that “every shepherd of the flock is an abomination to them;” and from the signification of a “shepherd of the flock,” as being one who leads to good.

The memory-knowledge which confirms good is that to which perverted memory-knowledge is opposed. Perverted memory-knowledges are those which destroy the truth of faith and the good of charity, and are also those which invert order, such as the magical things that existed in Egypt. For there are very many things that are in accordance with order which those magicians abused, such as correspondences and representatives, which were memory-knowledges more cultivated among them than among others. These follow from order even when the evil apply them, for in the application of them to the exercise of command over others, and to the doing of injury to others, they are perverted, because magical. In regard to their separation, which is here treated of, this is effected by means of the bringing into order that takes place when good with truths is in the midst or inmost, which is signified by “Goshen;” for then the perverted memory-knowledges which are opposed are cast out.


Heaven and Hell
175. Since all things that correspond to interiors also represent them, they are therefore called REPRESENTATIVES, and because they are varied in accordance with the state of the interiors of the angels, they are also called APPEARANCES. Nevertheless, the things that appear before the eyes of angels in the heavens and are perceived by their senses, appear and are perceived just as true to life as do things on earth to men, nay rather, much more clearly, distinctly and perceptibly. Appearances of this kind in heaven are called real appearances, because they have real existence. Appearances that are not real also occur, which are such as do appear but do not correspond to interiors.


Arcana Coelestia
4623(2) They who are in hell have sensations equally with others, and are not aware but that everything is really or actually just as it appears to their senses; and yet when they are looked at by the angels, the same things appear as phantasms, and disappear, and they themselves do not appear as men, but as monsters. It has also been given me to speak with them on this subject, and some of them said that they believe things to be real because they see and touch them, adding that sense cannot deceive. But it was given me to reply that no matter how real these things may appear to them, they nevertheless are not real, and this because they themselves are in things contrary or opposite to the Divine, namely, in evils and falsities, and moreover are themselves nothing but phantasies insofar as their thoughts are concerned, to the extent that they are in cupidities of evil and persuasions of falsity; and to see anything from phantasies is to see things that are real as not real, and things that are not real as real; and that unless it were given them of the Lord’s Divine mercy to have their senses affected in this manner, they would have no sensitive life, consequently no life at all, because that which is sensitive constitutes the whole of life.



Third Round posts are short audio clips taken from Round 3 comments offered in the online Logopraxis Life Group meetings. The aim is to keep the focus on understanding the Text in terms of its application to the inner life along with reinforcing any key LP principles that have been highlighted in the exchanges.
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Gray Glenn
Gray Glenn
1 year ago

I’m having technical problems listening to any 3rd round. The line that indicates the play time and the place to click to begin flickers for a second then disappears. In the recent past I’ve tried clicking in the vicinity of where the right place should be to begin and that worked, but that doesn’t work any more. Thanks for any help.

David Millar
Reply to  Gray Glenn
1 year ago

Hi Gray – I’m not sure what’s going on, so it may be a issue with your computer – anyway remind me next time we catch up and you can share your screen with me so I can get a better sense of what’s going on.

Gray Glenn
Gray Glenn
Reply to  David Millar
11 months ago

thank you, will do