The Third Round: Truths appear to fail as the Text seeks to offer illustrations in our life of what it’s describing

Arcana Coelestia

6115… [2] In regard to true and adaptable memory-knowledges being brought into relation to what is general, be it known that in order to be anything, all memory-knowledges and also all truths whatsoever, must be brought into relation to their generals, and must be placed and contained in and under a general, as otherwise they are at once dissipated. For in order that memory-knowledges and truths may be anything, they must be brought into a form in which they shall mutually regard each other, which cannot be effected unless they are consociated under a general; and therefore it is this general which holds them together in form, and causes that each constituent therein may have its own quality. The general itself, together with other generals, must also be brought into relation under things more general; and the more general things again, under the most general; for otherwise the general things, and likewise the more general things, would be dissipated.

[3] The most general universal, by virtue of which all things are held together, is the Lord Himself, and that which holds together is the Divine truth proceeding from Him.
6122. If silver fail. That this signifies if truth is no longer visible to them, is evident from the signification of “silver failing,” as being a lack of truth, thus that truth is no longer visible (of which above, n. 6116, 6119). Truth is said to be not visible, because in a state of desolation truth appears as if it had fled away. Yet it is present, for all the truth and good which have at any time been given by the Lord to man, spirit, and angel, remain, and nothing of them is taken away; but in a state of desolation they are obscured by what is their own, so as not to appear; but when a state of light returns, they become present and visible. From this it is plain what is meant by truth not being visible.

6156 … What remains are may be seen above , namely, that they are goods and truths from the Lord stored up in the interior man. These are let down into the exterior or natural man when he is in a state of good; but the moment he comes into a state of evil they are drawn back and stored up again. The reason of their being drawn back and stored up again, is to prevent their being mingled with evils, and thus perishing. When a man cannot be regenerated, the remains in him are carefully preserved in his interiors. But when a man is being regenerated, then, Insofar as this is the case, the remains are let down from the interiors into the exteriors, for the reason that by regeneration the interiors are conjoined with the exteriors and act as a one. Remains are then first let down to generals, and afterward successively to particulars. As the subject here treated of in the internal sense is the regeneration of the natural, it may be known from what has been said what is meant by remains being for what is general in the natural.


6119. For why should we die beside thee because the silver faileth? That this signifies that otherwise by reason of the lack of truth there would be spiritual death, is evident from the signification of “dying,” as being spiritual death (of which in what follows); and from the signification of “silver failing,” as being a lack of truth (that “silver” denotes true and adaptable memory-knowledge may be seen above, n. 6112). In regard to the fact that there is spiritual death when there is a lack of truth, the case is this. Spiritual life consists in activities according to truths, consequently in uses; for they who are in spiritual life have an appetite and a longing for truths with a view to life, that is, that they may live according to them, thus with a view to uses. So far therefore as they are able to receive truths in accordance with which uses may be done, so far they are in spiritual life, because so far they are in the light of intelligence and of wisdom.

When therefore truths fail, as is the case when a state of shade comes, which is signified in the Word by “evening” (n. 6110), the spiritual life labors; for such things present themselves as belong to shade, that is, to spiritual death; for in this case they are not as before kept in the light, but are in part let back into their own; and hence there arises from the shade an image of spiritual death, that is, of damnation.


6159… where good universally reigns, it reigns in each and all things; and it is the same with evil. For that which reigns universally comes into existence for the first time when each and all things are of the same nature; and the universal is according to the quality and quantity of these; for that which is called universal is universal from the fact that it is in all things individually.



Third Round posts are short audio clips taken from Round 3 comments offered in the online Logopraxis Life Group meetings. The aim is to keep the focus on understanding the Text in terms of its application to the inner life along with reinforcing any key LP principles that have been highlighted in the exchanges.

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