The Third Round: Spiritual literacy- learning to listen and read others in the same way that we are learning to listen to and read the Text

Arcana Coelestia

5871 . . . When a conjunction is being effected of the truths which are in the external or natural man with the good which is in the internal, that is, when the truths of faith are being conjoined with the good of charity, then all those memory-knowledges which are not in agreement, and especially those which are adverse, are rejected from the midst to the sides, thus from the light which is in the midst to the shade which is at the sides; and then they are partly not seen and partly regarded as of no account.

But from the memory-knowledges which are in agreement and harmonious, which remain, there is effected a kind of extraction, and so to speak a sort of sublimation, whence arises an interior sense of things

Third Round posts are short audio clips taken from Round 3 comments offered in the online Logopraxis Life Group meetings. The aim is to keep the focus on understanding the Text in terms of its application to the inner life along with reinforcing any key LP principles that have been highlighted in the exchanges.

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Gray Glenn
Gray Glenn
1 month ago

A profound shift to hear “we don’t work for ourselves: we work ON ourselves for the purpose of having something to offer others that can support them in their work”. It is interesting when an obvious idea suddenly comes alive. There is the interest in the idea itself, but also the strange state of wonder, “How on earth did I hold the meaning of these words before?” Well, out the gate the clip underlines another idea I am sure awaits falling into a deeper perception of its truth, that “thinking is not something “I” do…so the push is there to… Read more »