The Third Round: Loving what is other is heaven

Arcana Coelestia 5853.

The spirits who come to a man enter into all his memory and into all the memory-knowledges that he possesses. Thus they put on all things belonging to the man, insomuch that they know no otherwise than that these are their own. This is a prerogative that spirits have above man. Hence it is that all things which the man thinks they think, and all things which the man wills they will; and conversely, whatever the spirits think the man thinks, and whatever the spirits will the man wills; for they act as a one by conjunction. Yet on both sides it is supposed that such things are in and from themselves, both on the part of the spirits and on the part of the men. But this is a fallacy.

Third Round posts are short audio clips taken from Round 3 comments offered in the online Logopraxis Life Group meetings. The aim is to keep the focus on understanding the Text in terms of its application to the inner life along with reinforcing any key LP principles that have been highlighted in the exchanges.

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Dianna Synnestvedt
Dianna Synnestvedt
1 month ago

So, a heavenly sense of self or sense of being an individual is a sense of serving others and thus the Lord. This helps me understand the idea that there is no self as I understand self, but there is sense and a joy of being of service.