Understanding Creation from a Spiritual Perspective


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Today I want to offer some reflections from a Logopraxis perspective on the concept of creation and what the Word has to say about the activity of Divine Love and Wisdom in bringing creation into being. But before we explore the spiritual idea of creation, I want you to take a moment to think about what love and wisdom are, and where they reside. The reason for this is so that we can pull back from thinking about creation in material or natural terms and begin to think about it in a way that is consistent with spiritual laws and how these govern the regeneration of the human mind. It is divine revelation alone that offers a firm foundation for thinking coherently about the spiritual idea of creation. The truths of divine revelation are essential to warding off the tendency in us all to think, and draw conclusions about spiritual realities, from the appearances of our senses.

All natural theories about creation based on sensual appearances that place causal power in nature are simply false. This is because creation isn’t a natural process, it’s a spiritual process and where the Lord and spiritual realities aren’t acknowledged then all that’s left is human reasoning and speculation that sees end, cause and effect as purely natural forces existing on a single plane of operation.

Spiritual revelation teaches that what manifests on the natural plane are the effects of causes that exist in a different dimension altogether called the spiritual world. Now it is important to understand that the spiritual world is a vast world consisting of every human psychological state taken collectively and that we each experience that world directly as the thoughts and affections that make up our sense of existing as an individual self. This inner cosmos consisting of every state of human and angelic consciousness is constantly being reformed, rearranged, and reordered, in a word, recreated, into an ever more perfect human form. This is the Grand Human, the macro-cosmos of which every individual human form representatively points to as the micro-cosmos.  All participate in this great collective network of psychological states from which every thought and affection pours forth and is organised into a form that gives rise to, and maintains, your sense of self. Take a moment to think about that, because if this is not grasped as our starting point then it will be virtually impossible to grasp what divine revelation has to say about creation.

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Sarah Walker
Sarah Walker
2 years ago

I thought I would add what I worked with from this offering of creation reflections…. The parts that I was drawn to … “The term creation in the Texts of Divine revelation describes the process by which human minds are regenerated and brought into form in which the Lord can dwell. Love and wisdom cannot dwell anywhere else other than in minds created in its own image and likeness. When the Word uses the term creation it is speaking about the transformation of human consciousness from a natural form of mind that is opposed to spiritual realities into spiritual or… Read more »