Sermons on Creation

We Are Because God Is

It is clear from what the doctrines for a new church teach that our spiritual or mental health is a reflection of the quality of the thoughts and feelings that dominate the inner landscape of the mind.  The phrase, …we are because God is… is a helpful reminder in this regard as it draws our focus back to the source of our mental health and wellbeing by emphasing that if the life of our mind is to be something truly spiritual then its activity needs to reflect something of what God is. When we talk about being or existing, or that …we are because God is… we need to be aware that we only truly exist as human beings when our mind is in the human form. 

Understanding Creation from a Spiritual Perspective Play in new window | Download (Duration: 22:46 — 20.8MB)THE ABOVE AUDIO IS A RECORDING OF THE PAPER BELOW Click to Download a pdf Copy for Printing Today I want to offer some reflections from a Logopraxis perspective on the concept of creation and what the Word has to say about the activity of…