To Think Spiritually is to Think in Terms of States of Mind

I hope you’ve managed to listen to the audio on the terms “Universe” and “Creation”. Another way of thinking about these and other terms in the Text that seem to reference things in the natural world is that for angelic consciousness, which has no concept of things of the natural world, such terms evoke a purely spiritual meaning. And just so its clear when we talk about things of a “spiritual” quality we are talking about things of the mind, psychological things. The following number from the Arcana Coelestia describes how angels understand the term creation…

AC 8891.3 When the first chapter of Genesis is read, the angels do not perceive any other creation than the new creation of man, which is called regeneration.

In Logopraxis we are learning to think spiritually, or have our thinking aligned with what angels perceive while we engage with the Texts of Divine Revelation. Admittedly trying to understand things in the Text in relation to our states of mind does take a bit of work. So, if we don’t want natural associations tied to the words in the Text to govern our thinking we will have to make a conscious effort to remember that the Text is only really dealing with spiritual realities and uses natural imagery to illustrate these inner realities. To enter this mode of thinking takes practice, it means returning to the Text time and time again which Logopraxis enables us to do in a structured way. We will have to be prepared to persevere if we are to undo a life time of habit in how we approach text, in Logopraxis we read for application not for information. By application we mean the application of truths to investigate the quality of what passes for our thoughts and affections within the life of our minds.

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