Let Him Become One, Whole. Let Him Be Awakened Video Presentation (Part 2 of 3)

In this, the second of three presentations, Sarah Walker takes us on a journey through the Holy Place of Solomon’s Temple.

In first presentation, we looked at the spiritual meaning of the area called the Inner Court. The third presentation explores the spiritual meaning of the area called the Holy of Holies or the Innermost Sanctuary. The Temple descriptions can be read in 1 Kings Chapter 5-8 and 2 Chronicles Chapter 3 and 4.

Viewed as a whole, the temple presents an image of the structure of the human mind. Sarah ties the structures of the Temple back to the process of awakening to spiritual life as experienced by Emanuel Swedenborg (1688-1772) and recorded in the work Heaven and Hell (see paragraphs 491-520).

See the links below this post to presentations dealing with the Inner Court (Part 1) and the Holy of Holies (Part 3).


click to access Q&A Session For Part 2
Click here to view Part 1
Click Here to View Part 3
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Ian Keal
Ian Keal(@keali)
1 year ago

Could you post a printed copy of the numbers used, or the text for the Part 2 presentation? Thank you So much.