Learning to Exist

But very few are able to apprehend intelligently that acknowledgment of the Lord, and an acknowledgment that all that is good and true is from the Lord, are what cause a man to be reformed and regenerated.

For it may be thought, What does that acknowledgment do, since the Lord is omnipotent and wills to save all?

And therefore is He not able and willing to do this, provided He is moved to mercy?
DP 91

So I read this and thought ….. I don’t understand. I don’t understand how anyone could think that one’s mind can be changed and reformed and indeed transformed, without some kind of change of heart; without some kind of repentance or Metanoia. And then I realised that the acknowledgement they were talking about in this passage was like someone standing on the spot and pointing out at the world around them and saying, “Well yes of course the Lord created this but so what? What difference does that make to me or to anything about my spiritual life, by just saying it?”

And of course they are right. Just saying something doesn’t change anything. It’s not a change of heart and that’s what a real acknowledgement requires … a change of heart.

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