April 17/18th online workshop: The Word is the Divine Human that saves…

Hi everyone

I facilitated this as a workshop with a group in Perth, Australia a few months ago and would like to offer it here to the wider Logopraxis community. I look forward to sharing this walk-through of the landscape of the Gospels with you. 🙂


Friday 17th April

8.00 pm US Eastern


Saturday April 18th

9.30 am AU Central



Please use this Zoom link

Click here to enter the Workshop



BE 117 (as read in present tense)

the faith of the new heaven and the new church, in its particular form, is this:

That Jehovah God is love itself and wisdom itself, or that he is good itself and truth itself;

and that as to the Divine truth itself, which is the Word, and which is God with God,

He comes down and assumes the Human, for the purpose of restoring to order all things which are in heaven, and all things which are in hell, and all things which are in the church;

inasmuch as in this state the power of the devil, that is, of hell, prevails over the power of heaven, and on earth the power of evil over the power of good; and thence a total damnation stands before the door and threatens.

This impending damnation Jehovah God removes by His Human, which is the Divine truth,

and thus He redeems both angels and men; and afterwards He unites in His Human the Divine truth to the Divine good, and thus He returns into His Divine, in which He is from eternity, together with His glorified Human. This is signified by these words in John:

The Word is with God, and God is the Word; and the Word becomes flesh (John 1:1, 14).

And by this in the same:

I go forth from the Father, and  come into the world; again I leave the world, and go to the Father (John 16:28).       

Questions for thought…

How does the Word become flesh?

How does Divine truth become flesh?

What is the Human that He assumes with us, in us and for us?


Please RSVP to let us know that you will be joining the event by adding a comment on the post below or by emailing me – Sarah – at sarah.walker@logopraxis.online


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Sher Huss
Sher Huss(@husss)
1 year ago

I plan to attend the workshop.

Hal Rosner
Hal Rosner(@rosnerh)
1 year ago

Thanks everybody… I plan to attend.