A Logopraxis Perspective of Loving the Neighbour in the Context of Group Work

The idea of loving our neighbour in an LP context is to only offer to the group what is directly related to our experience of engaging with the Word.

The temptation is always there to find in an LP group meeting a ready-made platform for our proprium to share its cherished views on life.  But, as soon as we drop down into the more external levels in thought and conversation, we enter the world of opinion, speculation, and theorizing.  This takes us away from being in what is real into the world of appearances.

Instead, if we give our attention to our own states as others share, and when it is our turn, only share what relates to inner work, we are open to an experience of something higher.

By participating in an LP group we are looking to cultivate a level of spiritual authenticity through living from our experience of the Word.  The hope is that we will be able to carry more and more of this into our lives beyond when we meet.

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