LP Practitioner’s Handbook

This handbook provides a step-by-step outline of the processes involved in; working with the Text, finding and setting tasks and then bringing a submission to a life group. It also offers a general overview of the principles of Logopraxis.

This handbook therefore is useful to those new to Logopraxis but also is a good resource to often return to regardless of how long one has been involved in this work.

Click the link below to access the Handbook


Within the document you will find:


Contents Page

  • Logopraxis – a way of being
  • Logopraxis reorientates our relationship to the word
  • 4 premise truths for Logopraxis
  • Spiritual literacy skills
  • Step process
  • Step 1: read and note
  • Step 2: review and select
  • Step 3: set a task
  • Step 4: live it!
  • Step 5: reflect
  • Step 6: submission and community
  • The life group as a human being or collective person
  • Life group rules
  • Rounds and reasons
  • Appendices


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