Getting Started: Day 7


Welcome to Week Two of your practice of the Word. Week One, generally speaking, is the week in which we work directly with the Text to find something to work with which will give us a spiritual focus for Week Two. Week Two is the week where we seek to practise the task and gather our observations in preparation for our Logopraxis Life Group meeting.

Step Four – Live It

The Work

The reason we call self-examination and repentance ‘work’ is because it takes effort to compel ourselves to use truths from the Word to reflect on the quality of our states of mind. The natural mind seeks to move away from and oppose everything genuinely spiritual. However, when seen in the light of Logopraxis work, this inertia of the natural mind to oppose what is spiritual becomes something that strengthens rather than weakens the authority of the Word in our life.

Helpful Advice – Keeping a Journal

It can be helpful over this week to keep a journal to record your work with your task. Work at staying conscious of what comes up in opposition to your task, as well as the task itself. At the end of this second week you can use your journal entries to draw up a summary of how things went over the session cycle which will be your submission for your Life Group meeting.

Step four -Live It

The application of the task in our day to day living is focused on observations not outcome achievements. Task setting is about setting up conditions that remind us to observe a truth or spiritual principle and what resists this. The task creates opportunities to observe the behaviour of the hellish proprium and our identification with it. We are not working to change it or make it better; we are working to affirm what the Word teaches concerning it and its nature. It’s in our acceptance of what the Word teaches concerning the hellish proprium, that weakens and breaks its power.

For more on finding motivation to work and not attaching to outcomes, click the following link…

From the Logopraxis Handbook: Step 4: Put Your Task into Practice and Live It

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