Getting Started: Day 11


By now you are most likely well into the experience of trying to remember your task and the principle it invites you to work with. You will have made observations that will be valuable material to share in your Logopraxis Life Group but you will need to make a time to sit down now and gather them together. You may wish to refer back to your journal entries if you have been recording your experiences in one.

Step Five – Reflect

How Is It True?

Through our work with our task, we come to see and experience how spiritual principles are active in our inner mental life. Having the task as a focus frames our experiences over the work cycle. This gives us the ability to reflect on the events, situations, and circumstances of each day in the light of the principle from the Text that we are seeking to work with. We can then gather illustrations from our life that affirm, not just that a truth from the Word is true, but how it is true.

Step five – Reflect

The following questions are offered as a framework for reflecting on your experience of the Text…

  • What happened when I remembered to implement my task? What thoughts and feelings did I notice?
  • What happened when I forgot the task, or struggled to remember it? What thoughts and feelings did I notice then?
  • What is the Lord allowing or asking me to see?
  • What has He taught me concerning the nature and quality of my thoughts and affections over this session? What is He asking me to understand or what have I come to understand?
  • How are the answers to these questions connected with the Text for this session?
  • What principle/s from the Text is/are illustrated in my experience?

For more on how to reflect on your work, click on the following…

From the Logopraxis Handbook: Step 5: Reflect

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