Coming in 2022 … A Heaven and Hell Logopraxis Group

Logopraxis is starting the Heaven and Hell text early next year in 2022. This is a particularly good text to begin using the Logopraxis approach with – for anyone new to the Logopraxis approach or interested in trying it out.

Join us on a journey of self discovery through an exploration of Emanuel Swedenborg’s most popular work, Heaven and Its Wonders and Hell from things Heard and Seen using the Logopraxis Approach. In Heaven and Hell, Swedenborg gives an account of his experience as he journeyed within, to explore the nature of human consciousness. Using Logopraxis, you are offered a way of working with the Heaven and Hell text in an online small group setting to undertake your own inner journey. Like those who have gone before, you will discover that what Swedenborg describes are psycho-spiritual realities active within you. Logopraxis helps us to become more aware of the quality of the thoughts and affections that make up our inner mental life. Through this awareness, we are brought into a new relationship with the text in which we are empowered to choose states of love over states of selfishness. If this is a journey you feel you would like to undertake, then why not take this opportunity to join us online

Logopraxis is run online using Zoom Meetings:

There are 4 potential group times. Note the times are GMT/UTC so you will need to check how the times offered convert to your local time zone.

Group 1: Weds @ 7:00 am GMT (UTC)

Group 2: Mon @ 7:00 pm GMT (UTC)

Group 3: Weds @ 7:00 pm GMT (UTC)

Group 4: Sun @ 2:00 pm GMT (UTC)

If the above times aren’t suitable and you are interested then contact us and let us know what works for you.

To register your interest or for more information email:

For more information on the LP approach click through the slide show below…

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