Emmaus Road Zoom Discussion: See My Hands and Feet

All Scripture deals with the processes involved in the regeneration of the human mind. And certainly, from a Logopraxis perspective, that is what we are interested in so far as our understanding of Scripture is concerned. So we come to the remarkable passage offered in Luke 24:32-53 which expounds upon the processes involved in the opening of the Scriptures as we willingly open ourselves to them so that that inner work can be done.

Who hasn’t had the experience of their heart burning within them as insights begin to unfold within our conscious awareness as we engage with the Word?

You are invited to share in a dialogue on this story as it relates to your own personal practise of the Text.

Join us, watch and bring your questions.

The Sermon which this discussion is based can be found by clicking on the following link


Or press play on the video below to watch the discussion…


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Marian Fraser
Marian Fraser
8 months ago

I am trying to comment on the Emmaus Rd discussion, but cant seem to log in for that.
I really appreciated watching the recording of that discussion because I couldnt attend it in person.
I read the sermon first, and then again after watching the discussions, and got a richer understanding that 2nd time through the sermon because of that process. Thank you for all the contributions.

Sarah Walker
Reply to  Marian Fraser
8 months ago

Hi Marian. You have commented – this is the place to do it right here :-). So glad to hear you were able to connect and be fed from the discussions after the fact.