Emmaus Road Discussion: Logopraxis Community Support Zoom Meeting

You are probably aware that in part, LP is an experiment in having social connections based on the Word rather than on personality attractions. In that direction, this world-wide LP community Zoom meeting was held as a way of sharing examples of a way involvement with the Word through LP has allowed practitioners  to take life differently.

You are warmly invited to offer your own examples in the comments below or to be here just to listen.


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Ruth Duckworth
Ruth Duckworth
8 months ago

Hello everyone. Ruth here from Australia. I’m so sorry I missed joining in live. I just listened to it all and really resonated with what you all said. I started somewhere in Volume One and Logopraxis is a huge part of my spiritual life. I find I need the regular practice of keeping to a timetable and producing a task and submission to keep me awake. I am prone to taking spiritual naps. It has really changed the way I think and I can definitely see it has helped me cope better with the down times and temptations of life,… Read more »

Sarah Walker
Reply to  Ruth Duckworth
8 months ago

Thanks Ruth, so good to have your voice added to the mix here .