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Leave Your Gift at the Altar (Part I)


Gen 33:1-11
1 And lifting is Jacob his eyes and seeing, and behold! Esau, his brother, is coming, and with him four hundred men. And dividing is Jacob the children to Leah and to Rachel and to the two maids. 2 And placing is he the maids and their children first, and Leah and her children after them, and Rachel and Joseph last. 3 And he passes before them and is prostrating himself to the earth seven times till he is close to his brother. 4 And running is Esau to meet him. And embracing him is he, and falling on his neck and kissing him, and they are weeping. 5 And lifting is he his eyes and seeing the women and the children. And saying is he, “What are these to you? And saying is he, “The children which the Elohim graciously gives your servant. 6 And close are coming the maids, they and their children, and they are prostrating themselves. 7 And, moreover, close are coming Leah and her children, and prostrating themselves. And, afterward, close come Joseph and Rachel, and they are prostrating themselves. 8 And saying is he, “What is all this camp to you which I encountered? And saying is he, “To find grace [for your servant] in the eyes of my lord. 9 And saying is Esau, “Forsooth, mine is much, my brother. Be yours what is yours. 10 And saying is Jacob, “You must not, pray. Pray, if I find grace in your eyes, then take my present offering from my hand, for therefore I see your face, as if seeing the face of the Elohim, and accepting me are you. 11 Take, pray, my blessing which I bring to you, for gracious to me is the Elohim in that it, forsooth, is all mine. And urging it on him is he, and he is taking it.

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Gray Glenn
1 year ago

Does the Part II of this series exist on the site?

Janna King
1 year ago

“All the struggles we face in coming to terms with this seeing of things, of accepting that the Word is, in fact, the Divine Truth, the Lord, is due to our dogged determination to remain identified with what resists the approach of the Lord’s love as the basis for our life.”
Thanks for the term ‘dogged determination’ here!

Ian Arnold
2 years ago

Found sermon part 1 on the Jacob/Esau reconciliation absolutely absorbing. Very much appreciated, as well, being able to access comments and points made at Logopraxis Group meetings. Ian Arnold