Logopraxis : Awakening to Spiritual Life : Part Two

The Awakening To Spiritual Life series looks at the section in Heaven and Hell (491-520) that deals with the process spirits pass through as they awaken from the death of the body to life in the spiritual world. In doing so it draws out the principles that govern the process which, when seen in the light of the Logopraxis experience, highlights their universal application. We find that the same process unfolds as we awaken to spiritual life through the practice of the Word while still in world. The universal nature of these principles means that they can be applied all levels of spiritual awakening. In this sense the Heaven and Hell descriptions of life after death become a map and guide that can support people in their Logopraxis work. Part two has now been added, both Parts One and Two can be found by clicking on the following link.

Awakening to Spiritual Life

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