The Dance of Wholeness

So I found myself of late learning about physics. About classical physics and quantum physics and the quest to find a meeting place for these two ways of viewing the universe. Now I’m not going to profess to understand the mathematics or even much detail about the many physic theories, but what I did hear very clearly were some concepts that connected with the idea of the dance that is created between the fluctuations of the self that is based in what is lower, and the self that is based in what is higher, the self that is based in the Lord.

I was particularly enamoured by a quote by the physicist David Bohm (1917-1992)

….any particular element of space may have a field that unfolds into the whole, and the whole folds and enfolds it to it

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Gray Glenn
Gray Glenn
1 month ago

I was captured also by the idea that science is about measurement now, but it wasn’t always so and may in the future not be about measurement… I think about merit being about measurement, in a way….