How to Draw Principles and Develop a Task for Logopraxis Work (Video Presentation)

This video presentation offers a series of tools to support LP practitioners to extract the key principles from the Text so that these principles can be taken and converted  into a task that can then serve as a work focus.

The specific kind of text that these tools are best suited for are those that are of an expository nature. This is the kinds of material we find in those works that deal directly with expounding Sacred Scripture as to its deeper meaning. Works like, Arcana Celestia, Apocalypse Revealed, and also Apocalypse Explained. What’s offered here is also applicable to the other works so far as the general principles go. The other works tend to lay out the key principles in a summary form at the beginning of each chapter, so they are easier to identify than those of an expository nature. Many of those works also have exposition of the Sacred Scripture as part of their content.

**Please note: a printable version of the presentation with or without speaker’s notes can be found below (scroll down) also there is a link to the Verb Primers article referenced in the presentation.

Drawing Principles Expository Slides Only pdf

Drawing Principles Expository Slides with Speaker’s Notes pdf

Verb Primers Article

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4 months ago

[…] How to Draw Principles from the Reading and Develop a Task for Logopraxis Work […]

Ian Keal
Ian Keal
5 months ago

Try to find… the active falsity and the active truth in states of temptation/struggle. Reflect on experiences… of finding consolation in the acknowledgment of truths and contrast this with states where falsities are active. First Observation/Realization: Everything that the proprium suggests (active), a falsity…or a cupidity, ..which suffocates any Truth from the Word that “is” present and ready to be embraced. Second Observation/Realization: Truth from the Word “is” Always Present! (Active) It just “appears” to be absent when the sensuous proprium has the upper hand and noisily dominates the spiritual landscape. Third Observation/Realization: (Active Truth)The Lord Loves miserable me,… Read more »

Ian Keal
Ian Keal
Reply to  Ian Keal
5 months ago

This is what I pray for… 2493. I have spoken with the angels concerning the memory of things past, and the consequent anxiety regarding things to come; and I have been instructed that the more interior and perfect the angels are, the less do they care for past things, and the less do they think of things to come; and also that from this comes their happiness. They say that the Lord gives them every moment what to think, and this with blessedness and happiness; and that they are thus free from cares and anxieties. Also, that this was meant… Read more »