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The Lord’s designs on our life

And I Myself, indeed, will discipline you sevenfold for your sins. You will eat the flesh of your sons, and ...
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Emmaus Road QnA: Discipleship: Group Work with the Gospel of Mark

In this session of the Emmaus Road facilitated by Erika Brown, participants were asked to explore some verses from the ...
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The Freedom Of Providence

In our society and I guess generally in the world, freedom is defined as having the ability or the right ...
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The Emmaus Road: Disciple: Group work with the book of Mark

Disciple: Group work with the book of Mark This event will be facilitated by Erika Brown. 7:00 pm US Eastern ...
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Logopraxis : Awakening to Spiritual Life : Part Two

The Awakening To Spiritual Life series looks at the section in Heaven and Hell (491-520) that deals with the process ...
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Learning to Exist

But very few are able to apprehend intelligently that acknowledgment of the Lord, and an acknowledgment that all that is ...
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