Meeting Face to Face: The Purpose of the Rounds

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Rounds and Reasons in Logopraxis (April 2014: by Erika Brown )

We know how an LP meeting works. We have 3 rounds, each member having a chance to talk during each round. Why 3 rounds and what can they teach us?

This is a description of how we love the neighbour during an LP meeting, either by being a talker or a listener.

Round One

The talker: We start by sharing our text, the focus/task, and the results of this experiment we set ourselves to. The person reporting is sharing what happened when they were present to the Lord’s Word and their own inner states, or when they weren’t! The talker keeps their own comments focused on observation and lessons learned. They do their best to not ramble, as there are others who need to talk.

The listener: The listeners are listening to what the Lord is teaching the group. The picture He is painting may come through as each person speaks in turn. The job of listening to what the Lord is saying is often harder than talking and is an opportunity to practice self-observation during an LP meeting. A listener might hear the Lord. A listener might hear the static and illusions of their own proprium reacting to the talker. In a meeting, our inner work can be highlighted and is a great opportunity to practice being in the present.

Round Two

The question we are holding in this round is: What has the Lord provided the group?

The talker: Someone who talks in round 2 has been listening in round 1 and they have something they heard the Lord providing to the group and are sharing it.We may start by hearing the Lord speak through someone else directly to us and our session’s work.

The listener: A listener in round 2 may not have insights to offer, but will be fed by what is being seen by others in this round.

Round Three

This round is for the discussion of what’s come up for people in regards to working with Logopraxis. It is not LP itself but is added in the meeting to support LP’ers as they are led. We have a prayer in between round 2 and 3 to mark the end of the active LP report and the support portion of a meeting. Talking and listening are more fluid here, but attending to our own states as we listen to others and speak about the Word is a ripe opportunity.

In all 3 rounds loving the neighbour is our willingness to examine the nature and quality of our mental life as we share and listen to other’s experience of the Word.

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